MASTER COURSE  to Watercolor Landscapes


Everything You need to Know to Create Your very own Beautiful Landscapes

with Nicole Daniels



Have you ever looked at something or had an idea in your head and thought "I could to that" until you sit down to paint and NOTHING COMES 

Where do I Start??
The Ideas just ARE NOT Flowing
Do I even have the right Materials??
THEN.. The Finished Landscape NEVER Looks quite Right


YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS!! Which is why we created this course JUST FOR YOU!


The goal of this Watercolor Landscape Course is to help you go from feeling discouraged and uninspired to being confident in your work and inspired to paint.  We will give you a Step by Step map to creating your very own Beautiful Landscapes from Start to Finish.

This Virtual Master Course will include 3 Classes which will cover:

The essential watercolor painting techniques


Color Theory

Elements such as mountains, fields, florals and greenery.

6 different skies -> Night sky, clear sky, cloudy sky and sunset.



Course Layout:


This course is Pre- Recorded and is 6 hours long, separated into shorter videos making it easy for you to come and go when you please. We have also added a comment section below each video for you to ask question as they come up.


Upon Purchase you'll receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all 3 Courses!


Thanks for your support and HAPPY PAINTING!

$80 (Valued at $270)


From Nicole

I've only been doing watercolor for 2 years so that goes to prove that you don't have to be painting for years to love it and be good at it.



”I’ve watched soooo many tutorials but they never gave me enough to bring my art from one level to the next. I feel that this course did exactly that. It’s simple enough for new artists to follow along and learn the techniques needed to start on a very good foot, but also for artists who need a refresher to help you with techniques you’ve forgotten or never even knew of.


”I have LOVED this course!! I started out just wanting to learn basic water coloring skills and got so much more out of it than just that! The courses are clear and easy to follow. Nicole is a great teacher and lays things out very nicely for a beginner like me. Plus, you get a lot out of your money with this course. I recommending it to everyone

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